Beyond La Bamba tells the story of two young direct inheritors of son jarocho, Mexico’s oldest musical tradition, who are separated from their families to chase their dreams. Master musician Noé Gonzalez avoids the slow decline he observes in his family’s musicality when they’re forced to play for tourists in Cancun, and sets out on his own to earn the international recognition and reputation he feels he deserves. José Luis Utrera leaves his land-devoted, musical family in Veracruz to cross into the U.S. illegally and ultimately forges a new life for himself via his family’s musical tradition. From the rural roots of Veracruz to the urban rhythms of the Midwest, they will build new lives but remain true to their music. 



A film by Marco Villalobos & Daffodil Altan

Produced by Flywitness Films, with support from Latino Public Broadcasting and the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture.

Currently in production